I. Wed. Style Helps You Plan!


I.Wed.Style finds you, our favourite (and probably the *Best!) Blog Posts, Ideas and Sites featured in WeddingLand UK… IN YOUR STYLE! Using just the one photo per post… it simply means no more trawling for the busy UK bride and you see and read only what you want to.


If you already have a theme in mind, let us inspire you with the quick finds that you will love. Shall you still be searching for your theme, have a look through our categories for a style that may just be the one for you. You can even pick and mix… who says you can’t have So Glam it Rocks, Elegant but Fun, Quirky yet Country?!


This is about you. We find the best, You choose the best!


When you see a wedding feature you like, we will take you right to the blog post or site that is so you.

The Best doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive, it simply means it is the most suited to a chosen style … and which is a Favourite right here at I.Wed.Style.

Happy planning and we’re sure your wedding is I.Wed.in. Style!


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