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Come and Shout ‘Woohoo I’m Here’ and Give Us A Wave! 

To submit a real wedding photograph or product for us to feature, all we ask is that it fits within one of our categories and we may put it on as one of our favourites!

So if you would like us to feature your blog post, photo or product on I.Wed.Style, kindly drop us an email at:


We will need –

  • UK ONLY – UK based companies only please.
  • ONE IMAGE ONLY – We look for anything that is wedding related… and we only want one image please!
  • TITLE IT – All you have to do is title it with your style or theme you consider is best fit. If you leave blank, it means you allow us permission to choose a style is most suited.
  • PERMISSION – We try our very best to gain permission from photographers and companies to use the images. If you’re the copyright owner please do tell us it is ok for us to use the image
  • SIZE – Please send at 600px wide
  • CREDIT – I.Wed.Style’s idea is to use the one image to capture the reader’s attention, from there on we will link back to exactly where the blog post/ website the image is found. All credit will be given to the copyright owner
  • LINKING TO YOUR REAL WEDDING POST – We like to link to your blog post that are informative or have many more images for our readers to be inspired by. If you are submitting an image to us, please ensure your blog post has at least the relevant information for further reading or a real wedding feature that has many more photos so the reader can get the feel of the wedding style  
  • CREDITING WEDDING BLOGGERS – We know all wedding bloggers work very hard on their blog. If we feature a wedding we have found via another blog and we have then gained permission from the photographer, we will credit the blogger too. We do not always ask for exclusive use of images (in particular to real weddings) as we believe at times, weddings may have already been featured elsewhere but newly engaged brides may not have seen the image on the other blog. We like to showcase weddings or products that are relevant to the bride reading and not just because it is the-first-to-be-seen on I.Wed.Style   

So, it is as simple as that! Wishing you all lots of Weddingland love and if we have featured you or your work, do not forget to tell your friends or readers that your blog post, wedding or product is a favourite on I.Wed.Style!


I.Wed.Style team


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