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Elegant – The wedding of Rachel and Simon – Loseley Park, Surrey

23 Nov


Despite the perfect planning, no one could plan the weather

For the bride though, this did not really matter

As she knew she was going to marry the man of her dream

And all she could do was beam


See this ever so elegant wedding at Matt Pereira Photography


Elegant – The wedding of Louise and Gavin – Kinkell Byre, St Andrews

30 Oct


This beautiful Scottish wedding had some flair

And there was a nice crispness to the air

The bride looked so elegant in her dress

Whilst the groom in his kilt did impress


See this shot by Jay Golian of Elemental Weddings and the rest of the wedding here.


Thanks to Jay and Christina Golian of Elemental Weddings for letting us share this wedding!

Elegant – The wedding of Laura and Jon – Village Hall, Lea and Holloway

16 Oct

Despite having a little hiccup

The bride & groom had a backup

They re-planned their wedding in one day

And still had it all done their special way


Go see the beautiful pictures of this wedding at Simon Revill Photography

Elegant – The wedding of Heather and Mike – Bibury Court Hotel – Cotswold

6 Oct



This wedding in the Cotswold was an intimate affair

All the guests were so happy and glad to be there

As the bride walked up the aisle, the groom was beaming

Because his bride in her beautiful dress looked so amazing


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